1. 1962
    Michel Jacquet founds “Etablissements Michel Jacquet” in Lyon.
  2. 1970
    Hans-Otto Stappert founds Stappert-Edelstahl-Handel GmbH.
  3. 1979
    CLMS (Creusot-Loire Metal Service) increases its stake in Stappert-Edelstahl-Handel GmbH to 100%.
  4. 1980
    Founding of “International Metal Service” incorporating the Creusot-Loire steel company’s trading companies.
  5. 1983
    Usinor becomes a 100% shareholder of IMS.
  6. 1986
    Etablissements JACQUET becomes JACQUET SA., in which Eric Jacquet has a 49% stake.
  7. 1987
    On June 11, IMS is listed on the Paris stock market’s secondary market under the Chairmanship of Jacques-Didier Champalbert, founder of IMS.
  8. 1993
    Eric Jacquet becomes the majority shareholder (51%) of JACQUET SA.
  9. 1994
    Eric Jacquet creates JACQUET Industries, which controls 100% of the Group. European development.
  10. 1996-2002
    The Group develops across Europe (IMS Stalserwis in Poland, IMS SpA in Italy, acquisition of Grupo Aceros Garay, which then becomes Aceros IMS (Spain), creation of IMS France through the merger of three French companies).
  11. 1997
    On October 23, JACQUET Industries is listed on the Paris stock market’s secondary market via a capital increase to finance its international development.
  12. 2004
    Arcelor divests its 36% stake in IMS to Chequers, which also acquires a further 15 % from Merrill Lynch.
  13. 2005
    Acquisitions in Central Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,).
  14. 2006
    JACQUET Industries becomes JACQUET Metals.
    Acquisition of Hoselmann (engineering steel company in Germany). Chequers Capital divests its 51% stake in IMS by putting its shares on the market.
  15. 2006-2010
    First sites opened in Asia (Shanghai) and the United States (Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Charlotte).
    IMS carries out acquisitions in Italy, Belgium, Eastern Europe, the Netherlands...
  16. 2007
    Acquisition of the Cotubel group.
  17. 2008
    Divestment of the Astralloy subsidiary in the United States.
  18. 2008-2009
    Eric Jacquet and JACQUET Metals acquire 33.19% of IMS.
  19. February 3rd, 2010
    JACQUET Metals tables a planned share exchange offer for IMS’ shares.
  20. March 8th, 2010
    JACQUET Metals and IMS sign a protocol defining the terms of JACQUET Metals’ takeover of IMS.
  21. June 30th, 2010
    The JACQUET Metals and IMS Shareholders’ Meetings approve the merger of the two companies on the basis of 20 IMS shares for every 7 JACQUET Metals shares. Eric Jacquet is appointed Chairman of the IMS Board.
  22. July 14th, 2010
    The European Commission’s competition authority approves JACQUET Metals’ takeover of IMS.
  23. July 20th, 2010
    JACQUET Metals merges with IMS. .
    Mr Eric Jacquet becomes CEO of IMS and, with JSA (which he controls), becomes the main shareholder with 40.21% of capital and 45.99% of voting rights.
  24. February 28th, 2011
    Divestment of IMS France’s aluminium and non-ferrous metals activities, as well as Euralliage, to the Amari Metal group.
  25. June 30th 2011
    IMS International Metal Service’s name changes to Jacquet Metal Service.
  26. August 2013
    Acquisition of Finkenholl GmbH (Germany).
  27. 2014
    Publishing of the book "David vs. Goliath" recounting the story of the purchasing operation of IMS by Jacquet Metals This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  28. October 2014
    Acquisition of the Rolark Group (Canada) that specializes in the distribution of stainless steel.
  29. 2015-2017
    Acquisition and integration of Schmolz+Bickenbach Distribution (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Austria) by IMS group.